Friday 31 January 2014

Getting Stuck In

This week we have got immersed into our projects.

On Monday we spent the day organising our schedule and starting to plan the lessons we were going to be teaching at the schools. On Monday evening after a long day planning, we went to a local restaurant and took part in a quiz, and came second!!!
On Tuesday we set off in the 4x4 down the bumpy dirt tracks to our first school which was Gohanga, where we taught English and Social Studies.  Overall a great day teaching. The rest of the afternoon was spent preparing the lessons for the following day.

Wednesday: This was going to be one of our longest days spent teaching, so off we went to Kanombe, we taught 4 lessons; Sports, Social Studies, English and Music. After the morning we were all well and truly tired, but that wasn’t  the end of our day, after we had consumed our lunch and had a quick power nap it was time for our second school Gohanga. We taught the same 4 lessons and after the long afternoon we were left exhausted but our spirits were filled up when we tried to leave the school and the kids refused to let some of us go, the happiness coming from their faces will be an image we will find hard to forget.

Thursday:  We had a change from teaching at the schools and we had the opportunity to help out at the Kimihurura farming co-operative, we helped prepare the land, planted crops and watered them. Sweat dripping down our backs, hands covered in dirt, physically exhausted and it wasn’t even midday yet.

Friday: Friday consisted of teaching the staff at AEE English and ICT skills, and any other support they need. So far Ed has been creating an English test, so that we can work out the areas they are having difficulties with, so we can organise some lessons suited to what they are struggling with.

Evenings: Evenings are fairly relaxed they consist of card games/ watching films/chatting/ drinking tea and copious amounts of banter thrown around.

From all of us at Kigali we bid you farewell till our next update.

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