Friday 24 January 2014

Week 2: Having a Gander in Rwanda

   Week 2 : Team Kigali 

                                                                                                          Team photo at Lake Muhazi 

Well, the past week has certainly been very busy!! We spent our second week in country touring the various project sites that A.E.E., our in country partner, is affiliated with. While we have visited a number of self-help and support groups, schools and farming cooperatives, we have decided to focus our energies and skills where we feel they will be most appreciated, as we cannot commit to being everywhere.

Consequently, we have chosen to help out at 2 catch up schools in the coming weeks, called Gahanga and Kanombe, the Kimihurura farming cooperative, and the self-help group in Mageragere. Alongside this, we will be working with the A.E.E. staff in helping them compile reports, improving their English and ICT skills, and general administration work.

Now that we have moved from Moucecore Guesthouse to our home in Kabeza for the next 8 weeks, we are starting to get a better idea of what our daily routine with be for the next 2 months. It’s an early start with A.E.E. staff devotions beginning at 7am Monday to Friday, and breakfast straight afterwards at 8am. Monday and Friday mornings consist of admin work and working with A.E.E staff; the majority of the rest week is spent in the field, getting stuck in with the community. However, if we’re going to a school in the afternoon, we usually spend most of the morning preparing our lessons and ensuring our teaching time is not wasted.

Weekends are mostly free, apart from the fourth Saturday of every month, which is called Umuganda – this is basically a community clean-up day, where none of the shops open, and everyone is expected to participate in some act of community service.

Overall, we as a team are getting very excited about the prospects of the coming weeks!  There is plenty for us to do, so we can’t wait to dive in!

Tuzasubira ubutaha!


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